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Rich Froning - Father of three and CrossFit Games Champion

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Rich Froning has a strong track record in CrossFit, including four consecutive titles for men and being the first competitor to win the title the fourth time in the same competition. Froning, who is also a father of three kids, runs a successful business. This article will tell you more about Froning's life and achievements. You'll also find out about his personal life as well as his goals and why he loves the sport.

Rich Froning a world-class competitor

Rich Froning is an owner of CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville and a fitness consultant. He also has three children with his wife, who shares his passion for parenting. Fatherly recently spoke with Froning to find out what his children are learning from him. These lessons include faith as well as family, which Froning emphasizes more than anything else.

He has won four consecutive CrossFit Games men's titles

The last four years have been especially memorable for CrossFit athletes. Rich Froning was the CrossFit Games' 2011 winner. In the last five years, he has been able to win the Individual Competition in each of four years. He won the CrossFit Open's first gold medal in 2010, followed by four CrossFit Games mens titles. Froning earned his four titles after switching to team competitions in 2015 when he joined CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. Froning won the Central East Regional and the Games twice in succession.

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He is the father to three children.

Rich Froning Jr., CrossFit and Sport of Fitness, has a captivating biopic about his early years. He also discusses his quest to win his fourth CrossFit Games title. Rich Froning's father's story, his own biography, places a strong emphasis upon family and faith. It also tells the story of his marriage to Hillary Froning who is active on social media.

He is a businessman

Rich Froning, a successful businessman who is also a champion of CrossFit Games, is an inspirational role model for both enthusiasts and athletes. Froning is an active member of CrossFit communities and has coached various athletes in the same workouts. Each day he follows the same routine. Rich begins his day by going for a row or bike ride, then he warms up with cardio. His routine is not easy, but it is effective.

He is a Firefighter

Former Cookeville Firefighter, Rich Froning, is back at Tech as an Assistant Strength Coach. Froning was a 2005 graduate of Cookeville High School. After graduating, Froning worked at the Cookeville Fire Department. He was an athlete at Walters State Community College before joining Tech. Froning used to play baseball on a baseball scholarship but didn’t really enjoy it. Instead, he went to Tennessee Tech and studied exercise science. He then went on to work as a firefighter in Cookeville, Tennessee. He then returned to Tennessee Tech and worked as an assistant strength coach, firefighter, and firefighter. He discovered CrossFit and was so inspired that he began to train with a CrossFit group.

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Rich Froning - Father of three and CrossFit Games Champion